site Jun 25, 2022

dabberz.com was a web host control panel I made to host web and game servers back in 2010. The game servers were automated but the web hosting was not yet automated. I eventually retired the site due to the saturation of the web hosting business.

The panel was written in PHP with a few PHP based bash scripts running on machines to handle automatic deploys. The panel would initiate a proxied SSH session into a server to perform the actions.

Billing was also handled by the panel, with full invoicing and payment support. There was also support ticket features that allowed customers to create support tickets for their services or billing.

Each account could create sub-accounts to offer users to manage specific services. The website was actually quite involved and I'm pretty proud of it, even if the code was quite a mess. There were a few SQL vulnerabilities which led me to take down most of the site's functionality. A modernization project was underway, but I never finished it and probably will never finish a rewrite. The old panel stands as a testament to what I was able to finish back in the day.

The admin panel index screen.
The landing page that reflected the rough design of the new panel that was in progress. My countdown is very obviously past due.