chat Jun 25, 2022

dabb.it was the name of my IRC Client project. Its intent was to become basically what IRC Cloud did, before IRC Cloud existed. Unfortunately I was too slow to the draw and could never release a product. IRC Clients were something I was very interested in making. I loved the IRC protocol for its ease of use. Being able to telnet into a server and still communicating (maybe poorly) to people was an incredible thought.

dabb.it started out using jQuery UI and socket.io to do its thing. I'm not a designer by any means. So this version looked very rough around the edges. Thankfully a community member was able to help make a new refreshed UI. With this new UI, and armed with websockets, I was able to rewrite dabbit with a new backend.

The refreshed dabbit used angular for the front-end, websockets for the communication layer, and node.js with a websocket server package from NPM. I wrote the IRC parser myself which can be found at my github here. This of course was not scalable but my concerns at the time were releasing something usable, and scaling later.