bot Oct 30, 2018


DaBot is a Typescript based modular chat bot. He runs on various chat endpoints such as Telegram, Discord, IRC, Skype, FB Messenger, etc.

His origin story stems way back into 2006 when I wanted to build an IRC bot. He began as an mIRC script that grew into various commands. I then learned how to do TCP networking with PHP and started writing an IRC bot from scratch. This set off a long adventure of learning how to write bots that live longer than a browser session. Security was a big learning aspect here. How can I let users interact with the bot without compromising his host machine.

The most stable predeseccor to DaBot is DeBot which was a PHP bot. He was my primary bot until I switched my community to Discord where DeBot would no longer be able to serve any purpose. I rewrote DeBot a few times in a mix of Javascript and Typescript until landing upon this final version. He's a labor of love for sure.