Gamer Galaxy

site Oct 23, 2020

Gamer Galaxy is a video game community that exists mainly on Discord. It has a very long history stemming back to being an IRC network called dab-media back in 2007 or so. It's grown and shrunk over the years to what it is now. It's gone through several renames from dab-media, to IRC, to Gamer Galaxy. With a lot of mergers between.

Gamer Galaxy is aiming to be a place for people to discover other players to play competitive games with. Our current focus is on Fortnite, VALORANT, and CSGO. We aggregate stats and write news articles for professional eSports games. We also produce videos on YouTube and occasionally Twitch.

There's some awesome plans for users to be able to connect their account and gather their stats, as well as create tournaments and matches to track stats. This is certainly an evolving project.

If you're into games, esports, or just nerding out, come check us out!